quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011

The Sugar Loaf

The Sugar Loaf is surrounded by vegetation characteristically tropical, with vestiges of the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica) containing native species that have disappeared from other areas of the Brazilian coast. It also boasts rare vegetal species, such as the orchid “laelia lobata” that can only be found in two places on the planet, Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açucar) and Gávea Rock (Pedra da Gávea), both in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian mountain with the greatest number of climbing tracks (up to 1997 there were 38), the Sugar Loaf is visited daily by hundreds of Brazilian and foreign climbers, mountaineers and ecologists. 

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  1. It has been very windy here in Ohio yesterday and today. It is also very wet and cold. The leaves are falling. The sky is a dark winter gray color. I can't seem to stay warm.

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog. It has been a while.

  2. Hey Roberto from Rio :) thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog... I really appreciate it. Now, I'm just following you, I hope you will follow me back to get the fresh posting more easier.


  3. Um maravilhoso local que desejo visitar um dia!

  4. Very cool mountain. I'm not sure I would take that gondola though.

  5. Ahh visitar o Pao de Açucar é um sonho pra mim. Espero realizá-lo em breve!
    Excelente post Roberto!

  6. Rio!!! For me this is one of the most beautiful Places on Earth and I really want to visit this City someday! Even as a child and as a Geography Enthusiast, the Sugar Loaf Mountain has always been the symbol of Brazil to me together with the Cristo Redentor :) Great Shot Roberto! Obrigado :D


  7. Maravilhosa imagem!!! Adorei!!!



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